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New Spices from Spice Island!


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Thanks to Challenge Dairy's 'A Taste of the West' sweepstakes I've been able to score some new (well new-to-me) spices from gourmet spice company 'Spice Islands'.  Enter the 'Taste of the West' sweeps for a chance to win an all-inclusive trip for four to Mountain Sky Guest Ranch – a delicious $17k value.

I cannot wait to taste the difference these premiere spices will make with our favorite recipes.  Challenge Dairy is an easy decision in our household but taste-testing these spices will be a fun, new challenge for our taste buds.  The Spice Islands cinnamon is said to be "the best quality cinnamon available" while the vanilla extract retails at just under $14 for a 4oz bottle … for vanilla!?  

Sounds like a sweet challenge to me.  I'm psyched! ;)

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    Ok so I took the ‘Taste of the West’ challenge and I must say – they are some of the best brats I have ever tasted! I don’t think it is any one, specific element in this mix but rather the unique blend of gourmet foods and spices that made it work – but I’d be anxious to hear which ingredient you think made all the difference…

    I mixed together some of my tastiest brands to produce this unique and seasonal fall taste that sincerely impressed me and is one I truly recommend. I ‘challenge’ you to find a better ingredient…

    Adam’s Spiced Johnsonville Brats in Oktoberfest
    Johnsonville Fresh Brats (1 package = 5 brats)
    1 fresh green pepper – sliced
    ½ fresh red onion- sliced
    1 fresh Granny Smith Green Apple – sliced
    1 (12oz) Samuel Adams Oktoberfest Beer
    3 cups of Old Orchard Apple Juice
    1-2 Tbsp of Channel Dairy butter
    1 dash of Spice Islands Cinnamon (per brat)
    1 dash of Spice Islands Nutmeg (per brat)
    1 pinch of Spice Islands Beau Monde (per brat)

    Put all ingredients into a pot and boil, stirring occasionally for about 20 minutes. (Normally I set the stove knob to around a level 5 on your average stove). After about 20 minutes turn the knob to about a level 1 and fire up your grill. I prefer charcoal with no lighter fluid.

    After your coals are red hot and you’re ready to barbeque, take the Johnsonville Brats, onions, green pepper and apples out of the pan and onto the grill. I often like to put some fresh veggies and apples on the grill also.

    If you have some clean woodchips available, lightly dampen (but do not soak) a handful of hickory woodchips and place the woodchips directly on the coals. Put the cover on top of your grill and let barbeque for about 10 minutes before turning. After about 10 more minutes take your brats off of the grill and place them in your favorite bun, potatoe bun or Kaiser roll. Top with your grilled veggies and enjoy! I’d tell you to practice safe lunch, but there are really no condiments needed! (snap, that one was bad…)

    For those who like to drink alcohol with your meal, may I recommend one of two drinks? Of course you can’t go wrong drinking the extra Sam Adams Oktoberfest you probably have leftover in the fridge, but another fall classic for those extra cold days would be to warm up by sipping some hot whiskey and Old Orchard apple juice!

    Did I miss anything?

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