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As most of us in the social media world already know, today Facebook replaced the "Become a Fan" button on company and business pages with the "Like" button.  Do I "like" it?  No, but then again Facebook didn't ask my opinion before they changed it.  They probably didn't ask my opinion because they didn't change anything except for the language, or at least that's what I tell myself. :P   Still nonetheless, when I look through the relevant information in their help section, I still can't find much of a difference to the change besides terminology. 


With the change, if you click the "like" button on your friends comments or posts – nothing much happens except you state that you "like" it.  However, when you click "like" on a company or business profile page that page's activity will start to show up in your news stream.  

According to Facebook,

Starting today people will be able to connect with your Page by clicking “Like” rather than “Become a Fan.” We hope this action will feel much more lightweight, and that it will increase the number of connections made across the site.

To improve your experience and promote consistency across the site, we've changed the language for Pages from "Fan" to "Like." We believe this change offers you a more light-weight and standard way to connect with people, things and topics in which you are interested.

When you click "Like" on a Page, you are making a connection to that Page. The Page will be displayed in your profile, and in turn, you will be displayed on the Page as a person who likes that Page. The Page will also be able to post content into your News Feed.

No. When you see a Feed story about a friend Liking a Page, there will be no feedback links below that story. However, if you hover over the Page name, you will see a small preview of the Page and the number of other people who have also Liked that Page. You can then Like that Page to add it to your profile, or you can click through to the Page itself.

Yes. Liking a Page means you are connecting to that Page. When you connect to a Page, it will appear in your profile and you will appear on the Page as a person who likes that Page. The Page will also be able to post content into your News Feed.
On the other hand, when you click "Like" on a piece of content that a friend posts, you are simply letting your friend know that you like it without leaving a comment.
Why don't I "like" it, you might ask?  Well how can two words mean the same thing and not confuse people??  I mean what's next, "Hi, I'm facebook – it's nice to MEAT you?" … that doesn't seem to BEE transparent, or at the very least CORDIAL (cherry).  I want the 'become a fan' button to come back because I'm stuck in my ways … or maybe because I like the competitive advantage it claimed to have given our Dippin' Dots facebook page.  With over one-million fans, that's more than pepsi!  :)


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Snacksquare is a merchant tool that allows businesses owners to market real offers and discounts to customers who check-in to the business location from their Foursquare account.  Fresh out of the FaceySpacey.com bakery, Snacksquare has been generating a lot of Tech Buzz and has has received reviews by Mashable (http://mashable.com/2010/04/15/snacksquare/), TechCrunch (http://techcrunch.com/2010/04/15/snacksquare-foursquare-directory/), KillerStartups (http://www.killerstartups.com/Mobile/snacksquare-com-a-tool-for-location-based-marketing), KTLA (http://www.ktla.com/news/cyberguy/stv-cyberguy-snacksquare-41510,0,6428602.story) and has even received it's blessing from Foursquare itself!  http://twitter.com/foursquare/status/12248226307

Snacksquare is FREE during Beta testing!  Dive-in and help test out the waters at http://SnackSquare.com

Snacksquare will get business venues known on Foursquare and get people sharing their tips and checkins at the venue to bring more people to their venue. And they will get people redeeming their specials on snacksquare.com and sending the specials to their mobile phone via SMS. They will also get an analytic platform to track redemption. Eventually they'll get tools to push sms messages to potential customers that check-in near their venues.  Foursquare a hot event. a Hot sector right now, and Snacksquare will put businesses  at the cutting edge and intermix their name with Foursquare, Bravo, and Starbucks and the other very few that are testing the waters here. YOU can browse Snacksquare.com or Foursquare.com/businesses to see everyone else testing these waters.

1) Snacksquare lets merchants add their foursquare venues

2) Snacksquare monitors and encourages customer activity from these venues (and continue to do so over time)

3) SnackSquare gives the merchant tools to easily add all these customers as friends

4) SnackSquare specifically facilitates adding customers as friends so that business owners can get the phone nimbers of the foursquare users and so we can get real-time information about when these foursquare friends check-in

5) Snacksquare let merchants create campaigns (which we call "ALBA" for automated location based alerts) that sends sms text messages to these foursquare friends as they checkin near by their venue. Think Mail Chimp meets Sales Genie powered by Foursquare. 

6) Snacksquare forces it's merchants to change their Foursquare username to their company, i.e. so Joe Smoe appears as Dippin' Dots. This is how Snacksquare maintains an opt-in process, or at least does their best at it. The idea is that the foursquare visitor we found through their store will receive a friend request from a company name and if they choose to accept will give out their phone number just like they do to anyone else they accept as friends. Snacksquare also provides unsubscribe functionality for the customer as well.

When you first login, you will be redirected to an iframed Foursquare page. You can just click the yellow link in the top left. Basically, we're about to take your foursquare account and make it the basis of our Snacksquare account. But there's no need to do that. If you run into any problems, just hit me and I'll be on top of it to make your experience in the merchant panel painless. 












note: Snacksquare's unique way of forcing merchants to do foursquare only actions such as changing their user name to a company name. Snacksquare also helps navigate the user to creating a new Foursquare account to use as the basis of their Snacksquare account if they don't want to give up their personal account.





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Well, what do you say?  I know, it's a tough interview…

…from my g1

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