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…an original poem by anthony cerreta

Shattered dreams mixed with difficult hopes, are wingless birds seen through broken periscopes.

As elder, desperate souls scarred them young to bleed deep, it bled impossible dreamers that seek fates to bleed deeper, together.

And if two birds of a feather delicately woven together were intricately crafted and placed by hands that are far more clever than the two little palms which are forced to be strong, forced to carry on while they long to meet their reflection and grasp on, that is if they can be strong, which they can, then it’ll take forever.

Drifting between various, comfortably exotic locations
Disregarding restraints set forth by their generations
Dreading more treachery in new irrelevant situations
Discovering truth in the farthest destination
Deviate confused minds into seeking new hope.

While blinded in our pursuit of yearning to see.
Opened eyes needed to decipher this twisted reality.
Unless please God, please, you can still help me.

Carefully for I never want to be -
A wingless bird seen through a broken periscope.

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