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A self-hosted mini-promotion can be very beneficial and works great at building and engaging the brand’s social community. For example, if you have a little extra product lying around and want to turn it into a positive image branding campaign that promotes customer appreciation – it is probably not efficient idea to create a full-blown marketing campaign.  After all, we only wanted to engage the consumer audience and build image branding while showcasing customer appreciation – not lose money gaining approval and consulting legal with rules that cost more than the prize. 

When creating a new campaign online, there are several steps that can be easily missed when rushing toward a fast-approaching deadline. Often, some of the steps which are easy to forget are requirements by the FTC. When creating a campaign that will award a significant prize value it is very important that you consult proper legal help and make sure all of your bases are covered in very precise and specific ‘rules’. Some states even require you to register your promotion officially if the combined prize value is over $5,000. For more help and information on sweepstakes rules take a look at http://www.fredlaw.com/articles/marketing/mark_0310_srb.html.

Now, I am not a lawyer, and in no way should this replace or suffice as proper legal representation.  You definitely need to clearly define and post the rules of your promotion.  Even if you you weren’t regulated to do so, you would still want to avoid the pain, confusion and sweat that comes without having clearly defined rules, trust me.  If you can afford it, consult your legal department to draft specific rules for every campaign give-away – it’s just a safe thing to do.  However, if you can’t or do not have the time, this easy-to-follow, 15-item checklist will help ensure your campaign meets all the basic requirements without missing any of the promotional opportunities that help make these online mini-promotions so successful and worthwhile. 

Did I miss anything or do you have a trick up your sleeve which you feel works better?  If so, make sure to let me know so I can update my approach.  Since we live in an ever-changing society, so must my procedures! 


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The W3 Winners have been announced and CreateYourOwnVille.com won a Silver!

As Senior Interactive Producer for the CreateYourOwnVille.com campaign, I was responsible for creating the initial campaign concepts, determining the interactive elements, drafting the initial sitemap and budgeting the entire campaign. Additionally I was involved in the creative phone brainstorming sessions between our matrixx team and Johnsonville.

Checkout our award-winning campaign site at CreateYourOwnVille.com

The W³ is sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals from a “Who’s Who” of acclaimed media, interactive, advertising, and marketing firms. IAVA members include executives from organizations such as Alloy, BRANDWEEK, Coach, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Estee Lauder, HBO, iNDELIBLE, Monster.com, MTV, Omnicom, Polo Ralph Lauren, Refinery, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Victoria’s Secret, Wired, Yahoo!, and many others. For more info, and a full member roster, please visit www.iavisarts.org.

The whole team was entered (Johnsonville, Tech by Design and matrixx) for this year’s W3 awards … and won!! With almost 3,000 entries from all over the world, we are very proud to join such rare and talented company!

There were some really awesome winners this year in the categories including campaigns for Gillette & EA Sports – http://www.getaloadofthis.ca/2009/gillettetournament/w3/iebc/, 2010 Ford Mustang – http://focus.firstbornmultimedia.com/?ford_2010_mustang, and many others.

Two Best In Show in Food & Beverage were awarded – both for Coca Cola for http://www.sapient.com/awards/integrated-campaign.html and for www.livepositively.com. Other Food & Beverage Gold went to popular brands such as Kraft, Subway, Coca-Cola Coke Zero, Red Bull, Hershey’s Twizzlers, Pepsi Amp Energy Drink, McDonald’s and Jim Beam.

Dippin’ Dots, the ice cream of the future, sought an interactive campaign for Q4 that would resonate with their core demographic and drive new excitement. Little did they realize that “something strange was coming to their planet … us!” Realizing a partnership opportunity, matrixx connected Dippin’ Dots with the Sony Pictures new movie launch ‘Planet 51’ staring Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long, Seann William Scott, Gary Oldman and John Cleese.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

As Senior Interactive Producer for matrixx, we came up with the Dippin’ Dots Planet 51 Movie Sweeps! Leveraging the popular Dippin’ Dots Page on Facebook to host the sweeps (currently the #27 page on Facebook), one lucky family won a Trip to Hollywood, CA to the red carpet premiere party for Planet 51. The trip was for 4 people and included airfare and hotel for 3 days/2 nights (drawing on November 4, 2009). Other prizes included a 1-year supply of Dippin’ Dots ice cream (drawing on December 17, 2009) and 30 SEGA Planet 51 video games for either PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS or Wii (drawing approximately each week for two winners).

The Dippin’ Dots Page on Facebook contained many engaging elements which included several unique mini-promotions that gave away Dippin ‘ Dots ice cream party-packs, new Dots ‘n Cream ice cream, the new Dippin’ Dots frozen Dot-maker toy, Dippin’ Dots licensed lip balm & lip gloss, a Dippin’ Dots Creative Art Set, downloadable coupons for Dippin’ Dots ice cream (to further drive in-store sales), Space Camp the game for Wii and even FREE mobile wallpaper when you text ‘51’ to 26000 from your mobile phone provided by Planet 51 the movie.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Additionally, Dippin’ Dots came out with a new ice cream flavor – Planet 51 ice cream! “Alien Green” vanilla Dippin’ Dots with top-secret space rocks that crunch and pop! (most definitely my favorite ice cream flavor all-time) was a huge hit with the Franchisees and Sony as well as everyone else involved in the campaign.


The campaign began on September 11, 2009 and ends December 16, 2009. So far the campaign has been a huge success generating millions of branded user engagements across the board and encouraging tens of thousands of new members to join the Dippin’ Dots 0/40 e-Club.

None of this could have been possible without the creative designs Scott Salchli from Dippin’ Dots and Al Morales from matrixx, as well as the helpful planning and superior campaign management from Erin Brown. Thanks for a really great campaign you guys!

When looking for a few good places to receive designer feedback (and let’s face it, aren’t we all-ways?), I came across several new resources and a few free ones I really liked. Through trial and error I also found some that were paid, some that were unreliable and a few I did not like so much, so I thought I’d share my research with you below.

Table of Contents

Feedback Tips & Tricks

Before you start, make sure you understand how to obtain the specific feedback you’re looking for and asking the right questions. I recommend reading 5 Steps to Improved Client Feedback.

Social Networks

I’ve listed Social networks first because I feel they have been the most helpful when gathering or promotion unbiased feedback, and as a bonus your own network often grows during the process. In a previous blog post I’ve written my biased opinions on the most helpful social networks, Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Linked, I decipher which social network tested best for performing research or gathering feedback. I must admit, LinkedIn’s Answer section could definitely stand tall with the best of the resources listed below. Wikipedia has a nice List of Social Networking Websites you can use to find the network that’s best for your needs.

There, now I said it and we can move back on to feedback focused resources.


Ayos Website Design

Ayos Website Design is run by a professional website designer hoping to do his part to help by offering advice on three simple questions.

  1. Is the website attractive and easy to use.
  2. What was the first impression the website gives.
  3. What can be improved.

Price: $35

Services to Improve Your Internet Sales- Website Feedback- Quick Consult


Simplify document feedback for your workgroup. Backboard is a commercial tool to gather feedback on a work easily. The users of the product can leave feedback in the textbox nex to your work and if they prefer can leave sketches on the images. You can also use backboard right from your desktop with their plugin.

Price: $6/mos – $50/mos

Get feedback with Backboard


Basecamp provides users with tools to share files, meet deadlines, assign tasks, centralize feedback, make clients smile. Additionally, Basecamp works with a avariety of iPhone apps, third-party invoicing and time tracking tools, graphic design review software, widgets and more.

Price: 24.95/mos – $149/mos

Project management, collaboration, and task software- Basecamp

Concept Test

Concept Test is a free resource designed for medium to small businesses and claims to be powered by a professional community.

Price: Free

Concept Feedback  Free Concept Reviews for Marketers, Designers and Developers


ConceptShare gives users the ability to easily share media and invite others to add and reply to comments, approve artwork, and markup on visuals.  ConceptShare can handle a wide variety of file formats so you can easily share almost anything visual for review and even imports screenshots of website by entering a URL.   In addition, they also allow you to print a summery, including video frames.

Price: $24/mos – $99/mos



Creattica is a professional design community which offers an array of professional design resources including feedback.  Your design is voted on by the community and the best work is accepted and featured in the gallery which receives thousands of visitors every day.

Price: Free



Crowdsound provides a widget which can be embedded into your website to gather feedback effectively but has a couple more features such as iphone apps and suggestion moderation if you pay $10 a month.

Price: Free-$10/mos and also offer an "Enterprise Edition" if you call them to discuss

CrowdSound - Effective Customer Feedback Widget - Listen To Your Customers

Design Critique

Design Critique will tell you what they think of your design in 140 characters MAX.  Obviously Twitter based, follow @DesignCritique at http://twitter.com/designcritique.  In addition to critiquing your design, they also ask their followers to any of their tweets critiquing a site design.

Price: Free (Twitter Account)

Welcome to Design Critique

Dream Success Management

Don’t forget about me!  Although I consider myself more of a producer than a professional designer, I’ve learned a lot from producing marketing campaigns and playing with photoshop the past decade.  I would be honored to review your design and submit my honest feedback if you contact me.

Price: Free

Dream Success- Anthony Cerreta's Portfolio

Feedback Jar

Feedback Jar provides a feedback tab for merchants and business websites that when clicked upon, opens a new window and feedback form for visitors to fill out and send back to you.  Feedback Jar comes with a community willing and ready to give merchants and business feedback, which also can opt in with their facebook accounts if they please.

Price: Free

FeedbackJar  Small Business and Local Merchant Customer Support and Feedback

Feedback Army

For $10 and about two minutes, Feedback Army allows designers can submit 3-6 questions about their site and receive ten responses from Feedback Army Reviewers.

Price: $10/review

FeedbackArmy - Website Usability Testing

Five Second Test

With FIveSecondTest, a test-taker is given 5 seconds to look at your design and afterwards is asked to list what they remember.  The website’s clean interface, easy approach, helpful community, sleek design and organized keywords are very resourceful.   The process is dead-on simple, it’s hard for a user to lie about what they remember – the most important part of image branding and often selling your product.

Price: Free


Get Satisfaction

Cut down repetitive support costs and gather customer or employee opinions with Get Satisfaction. It’s free and relatively quick to register, but businesses are persuaded to manage their own communities and gain access to pro widgets and deeper analytics for $99 a month. With the pro model you can also reward your best customers for their participation.  For $279 you can gain access to Get Satisfaction’s API but want to host it on your own URL and that’s going to cost you $899

Price: $99/mos – $899/mos but Free to Register and Start

Get Satisfaction - People-Powered Customer Service


Since every designer can attest to the pains of getting that final approval, GetSignOff makes the process easier by providing a mechanism for presenting your site designs, managing feedback and organizing multiple versions of a design.

Price: Free – $59/mos

GetSignOff - Present. Refine. Getsignoff for web designers to manage client feedback


With IdeaScale you can create a page for visitors to contribute ideas to your current project, discuss it, vote the product and watch its progress. Additionally IdeaScale includes features for your blog/Twitter/RSS integration of IdeaScale, along with HTML/Logo customization, a custom url, surveys/polls integration and wiki-like editing of your posted ideas for paid members.

Price: Free – $99/mos

Idea Management - Innovation Management - Crowdsourcing - Suggestion Box - Customer Feedback


Ididwork allows you to keep a work log, see how it impacts the team and receive feedback from your manager – even if your manager does not have ana account.

Price: Free

ididwork - The work log that shares


Kampyle provides a small triangular floating badge which stays at the bottom right of your website. Clicking it makes a popup appear which allows you to provide feedback to the web designer.

Price: Free for 1 feedback form and 50 feedback items per month. Up to $999/mos

Feedback Form - Kampyle


If you are a new web application company or launching a new web application, Launchly provides free feedback tools to help you get free feedback from your website and launch successfully  If you’re not a developer but love being the first to test new applications, joining the Launchly community gives you access to all of their latest apps from developers requesting user feedback.  The more feedback you give, the more you can "earn reputation" that you can spend for free website launches in the future – whatever that means.

Price: Free (for web application startups)

Feedback and analytics for web applications » launchly


Loop11 is a web-based user-experience testing tool, allowing companies to conduct online, un-moderated user testing on any kind of digital interface. Loop11 claims to not be a survey or web analytics tool, but a user experience tool used toward helping people to understand user behaviour. No software to install and test in over 40 languages.

Price: Register for private beta to request an invitation.

Usability & User Experience Testing Tool  Online & Remote  Loop11

Open Hallway

At Open Hallway you can create usability test scenarios and ask users to give their feedback. Then, a lot like spying on your audience, you can watch them stumble through the process.  Furthermore you can share video results with your clients or team members and their is no software for anyone to install.

Price: $49/month



Pbworks has many features to help manage your project, but their bread-and-butter is how they centralize the group editing process of documents.

Price: Free – $20/mos

PBworks- Free Collaboration, Intranet, Extranet, Project Management, Business Wiki

Please Critique Me

PleaseCritiqueMe is comprised of Industry Design Professionals who do their best to give feedback in an effort to give something back to the design community, and are proud to provide a place where designers can submit their work and have it reviewed (albeit publicly) by one of their industry peers. Fill out the form on their website and hopefully they’ll have some time to review your work.

Price: Free

Web and Graphic Design Critiques for Designers by Designers  Please Critique Me

Pro Blog Design

Pro Blog Design is a blog design company, but be a fan of Pro Blog Design on Facebook and upload an image to their gallery and they’ll critique your blog. Why not? As a bonus they’ll also help you with your wordpress issues and design questions.

Price: Free (Facebook)

Pro Blog Design  Facebook


At QBN you can push send and hope the feedback is positive, but don’t expect it to be. This community is steamed from criticism.  Nonetheless, there’s always something learned through criticism, even if it’s your beliefs. And don’t be afraid to stick to your guns and throw out what is not relevant, albeit room for improvement, there’s probably a reason you were originally inspired the way you were.

Price: Free

QBN - Design Industry News & Discussion

Raed Skaik

Write your details, give a brief description and upload your design to receive free professional feedback from Raed Skaik. Why does the author do this? In his own words "I love design and I am good at it. I love to see young designers or less experienced designers be able to receive constructive criticism which can help them learn, grow, improve their work and satisfy their clients or bosses."

Price: Free

Raed Skaik  Free Feedback on Your Design!


Graphic Designers can register and utilize the tools provided by redmark to send their clients or colleagues links to review their work and leave feedback. In addition, someone in need of graphic design work can use redmark‘s network to find the perfect designer for their project.

Price: Free (redmark is offered free of charge! Rather than charging for it in the future, we will introduce separate, independent pay-based services.  Right now they currently offer two services, both are free.)

redmark - the easiest way to mark up a design and track revisions


Reformal.ru is a free Russian feedback service, that gives you a tab to place on your website to gather feedback from users. The website is in Russian, and might be difficult to use if you cannot understand the language.

Price: Free

Reformal » Обратная связь нового поколения, Feedback 2.0


Rev.iew.me is a comprehensive website review community which encourages you to submit your website for your friends and the community to review and critique. A unique feature within the Rev.iew.me community includes a ‘review auction’ that allows members who WANT to review you, to bid on your site (for you to pay them with your ‘points’ which are the community’s currency) and promises to have many new social features on the way

Price: Free – Pay-by-credit

rev.iew.me · community web page reviewing


Similar to CrowdSound, Skribit allows community members and your website visitors the ability to suggest new features and content for your website by using their handy-dandy widget that can be embed in your webpages

Price: Free

Cure Writer's Block- Skribit


Suggestionbox is a paid service that allows you to embed a "suggestion box" on your website that allows you to capture user feedback and gives users the ability to track their feedback’s progress.

Price: $49.50/mos or $495/year  ($49.50/year for non-profits)

SuggestionBox.com — Customer Feedback Management Solution & Community Collaboration Platform


Uclue is a paid answers service where everyone is invited to register, browse and answer questions but only Former Google Answers Researchers may register as Uclue researchers. Those who register are able to search through previous questions and answers that someone (else) had to originally ask and pay for. The going rate for asking a question seems to be about $10 – $20.

Price: Free to browse but $10+ to ask a Question

Welcome to Uclue


Usabilla provides a tool to actively involve your users in the process of design & improvement. Create an online test and start collecting visual feedback for your website or image in five minutes.

Price: Free (beta)

Usabilla - Transparent Usability - Visual Feedback

User Voice

Uservoice communities are the easiest way to turn customer feedback into action”, and with one forum and less than 100 members you can use their service for free. Paid models allow you to monitor analytics, moderations tools, API’s and remove
their paid ads from your community.

Price: $589/mos or Free for 1 Forum with >100 users

UserVoice - Customer Feedback 2.0 - Harness the ideas of your customers. Build great products. Turn customers into champions.


In their own words “WAVE is a free web accessibility evaluation tool ..used to aid humans in the web accessibility evaluation process. WAVE shows the original web page with embedded icons and indicators that reveal the accessibility of that page.” Made especially for programmers, users can even make things even easier and Download the Wave Plugin to analyze a website on the fly.

Price: Free

WAVE - Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool


Webproof is a good online design and document collaboration tool. Invite people you want to review in the order you want and by SMS.

Price: $245 – $14,500 (Yes, that’s fourteen thousand and five hundred dollars!)

WebProof online design collaboration tool


YSlow‘s grading regime can often be strict and un-resourceful for novice web developers, but being able to monitor how long it takes different elements to load on the page can be very helpful when determing what’s really needed. Plus it’s free!

In their own words, "YSlow is a Firefox add-on integrated with the Firebug web development tool. YSlow grades web page based on one of three predefined ruleset or a user-defined ruleset. It offers suggestions for improving the page’s performance, summarizes the page’s components, displays statistics about the page, and provides tools for performance analysis, including Smush.it™ and JSLint."

Price: Free

Yahoo! YSlow for Firebug2

Design Forums

Don’t forget about trying to join niche design forums and asking for the communities advice. If you find trouble getting feedback, try giving other members feedback first.

Price: Free

  1. HOW Design Forum – Critiques

  2. DesignersTalk – Logo and Brand Identity Forum
  3. All Graphic Design – Critiques and Reviews
  4. Graphic Design Forum – The Showcase
  5. MySpace Graphic Design – Critiques and Discussion

  6. Graphic Design Forums – section for logo design

Hopefully these help find the answers you’re looking for. If there’s anything I missed, please let me know.



© Copyrighted material.

Johnsonville Sausages – America’s favorite bratwurst, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage and smoked sausage – sought an online interactive solution to kickoff the 2009 summer grilling season. With a strong, previously established supporting audience offline, it was important to make our technological online-savvy initiatives very user-friendly.

As Senior Interactive Producer for matrixx, we came up with the CreateYourOwnVille.com website. By visiting Johnsonville’s CreateYourOwnVille.com website, users are able to register and create their own ‘Ville’ for the chance to win great summer grill packages. In addition users can also submit their VILLE for a grand prize $10,000 and a chance to have their VILLE become the next Johnsonville national print ad.

Johnsonville ___villeCreateYourOwnVille.com

Upon creation a user’s photo is submitted to the interactive gallery and map for their peers to vote on. The top 5 VILLE’s of each category will be submitted to Johnsonville Executives who decide the final VILLE which will be become the next national Johnsonville ad and receive the $10,000 cash prize. Curious who won?

As Senior Interactive Producer I was responsible for creating the initial campaign concepts, determining the interactive elements, drafting the initial sitemap and budgeting the entire campaign. Additionally I was involved in the creative phone brainstorming sessions between our matrixx team and Johnsonville.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

NOTE: These were pre-campaign examples only – not actual user generated “VILLES”

After getting the go ahead I was excited to work with the uber creative and innovative Tech by Design and their initial design and flow. I pulled ideas from the official Johnsonville.com website created by Tech by Design as well as my interests in cognitive psychology to create the campaign website’s sitemap and lead the team through the planning of all the technical aspects to furthered user engagement and enjoyment.

I worked with the brilliant Kelly McCallion to manage our innovative creative team responsible for seeding the campaign and acting as brand ambassadors for Johnsonville’s CreateYourOwnVille.com website, the newly created Johnsonville blog, the Johnsonville branded social networks. The brand ambassadors were also responsible for answering consumer feedback, approving/denying each user uploaded photo and collecting and analyzing the underlying analytics to map offline consumers trends and practices and much, much more. Additionally, I was also responsible for managing the online banner ad creation process and monitoring the campaign’s online ads and adwords.

Another cool interactive feature we implemented was an instant win element via mobile “text-in”. After seeing one of many Johnsonville Mobile Ads distributed across the nation, viewers were encouraged to ‘text-in’ for their chance to win one of many instant-win prizes or even the grand ‘text-in’ prize – an ultimate block party with the Big Taste Grill! (Quite possibly the best block party your neighborhood has ever seen!)

Johnsonville’s ‘Big Taste Grill’ was one of the many mobile-branded assets that traveled across the nation to some of the hottest spots of summer such as the AVP Pro Tour here in Huntington Beach, CA. The mobile campaign ads ran during the Create Your Own Ville promotion and also encouraged texters to ‘Create Their Own Ville’ at Create Your Own Ville.com. Thousands of mobile phone users texted in to win one of many cool prizes like Johnsonville t-shirts, aprons, coupons or free game-play at Sim Dynasty, home of online fantasy simulation baseball.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

The campaign was also promoted and advertised using several traditional marketing channels including television and print (magazine, newspaper & direct mail).

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Billboards were also strategically placed across the nation to advertise the campaign.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Overall the campaign has been a huge success generating millions of page views and deep brand engagements. Thousands of user generated ‘Villes’ were created, tens-of-thousands of votes were cast, tens-of-thousands of fans were connected via social networking and thousands of mobile numbers were opted-in over the few months, establishing Johnsonville consumers with deep brand engagements (on average over minutes at a time) and increasing the Johnsonville email enthusiasts club by ~100%. Additionally with the help of matrixx, the Johnsonville brand has been positively associated with Igloo Coolers and Gander Mountain through innovative prizing partnerships.

Furthermore, we were all happy to hear our efforts were globally recognized when Johnsonville CreateYourOwnville.com won a prestigious W3 award! Great job team!!

Click to Visit Brandweek’s Article about the CreateYourOwnVille Campaign.


Special Note: With the first initial concepts developed in July of 2008, this idea later helped establish the Schlotzsky’s Big League Clubz campaign.

The Schlotzsky’s Big League Clubz promotion has won the platinum award in the Hermes Creative Awards competition for 2009!

As Senior Interactive Producer for matrixx who produced the Schlotzsky’s Big League Clubz campaign, I couldn’t be prouder. The Hermes competition is run by the Association of Marketing & Communications Professionals and is very prestigious/honors the very best of the best creative campaigns.


In this 14th year of the competition, over 3,700 entries were judged in 142 categories (Publications, Photography, Design, Copywriting, Marketing Collateral, etc). Other premiere brands joining Schlotzsky’s as platinum winners this year in the “Web/Electronic Media” category are Cuisinart, Hormel Foods, Lockheed Martin, Nikon, USPS and Disneyland.

To celebrate the premiere of Schlotzsky’s new Big League Clubz Sandwiches, matrixx constructed an experiential in-store and online UGC social media marketing campaign built around the spirit of america’s favorite past-time, collecting baseball cards.

When customers bought a “Big League Clubz” sandwich at any Schlotzsky’s restaurant, they received a trading card promoting the sandwiches and highlighting the elements of the sweepstakes. Each of the three trading cards featured a different Big League Clubz sandwich. Fans who collected any three trading cards could upload a creative picture of themselves and trade these pictures to the www.BigLeagueClubz.com photo gallery to receive a free, personalized “Lotz Better” mini bat courtesy of Schlotzsky’s.


As Senior Interactive Producer for matrixx I lead the creation of the campaign and budgeted, established the graphic user interface and managed a baseball themed sweepstakes with an all-inclusive trip to “See All th Stars” in St. Louis, Missouri at the same time the city hosts the 2009 all-star baseball game. In addition, I also lead the blog, blogger outreach and social network development and worked with a great team to develop the best offline marketing strategy and content.

The online campaign microsite contained many user engaging elements which includes an online baseball advergame, a downloadable Yahoo! baseball scores desktop widget, a “Draft your Friends” Facebook Application and a photo UGC element using a Flickr API key.

Additional experiential advertisements include text-in mobile subscriber lists and a campaign partnership with SimDynasty online simulation fantasy baseball.

Logos & Print Graphics

In addition I was also responsible for creating and analyzing the innovative campaign blogger outreach strategies.

Within the first 30 days of the campaign, the microsite has received thousands registrations and millions of deep brand engagements. Months after the campaign has ended, we are still seeing thousands of game loads each day.

Online Banners & Ads

My first trip to Schlotzsky’s. It was a tough decision, but the Beef ‘n Bacon Big League Clubz Sandwich was probably my favorite. (It’s the bread!)

My trip to Schlotzsky’s in Orange County, CA!

As Creative Director for Ferbs Cosmetics, Temporary Tattoo Cover up, I led our team through the initial design development of Ferbs Cosmetics Tattoo Cover up company logo and branding.

ferbs logo

Created from the brilliance of designer Jack Rossi, the greatest challenge was finding a design that had the longevity for a timeless fashion while still being generic enough to appeal to both genders. It was tough and there were several (hundred) concepts developed in the meantime. Alas, these are the near-visions that escaped the recycle bin.

Take the latest cosmetic design survey.

Think you could design something better? We’re always looking for great artists who understand the tattoo community. Submit your Tattoo Cover up Logo, ideas or creative drafts and we’d love to see if our concepts are on the same page.

Jennifer Podany explains the steps it takes to completely cover a tattoo using Ferbs Cosmetics Tattoo Undercover.

Video shot using a hand-held Panasonic camcorder in one single full-length shot to prove credibility. Branded & watermarked in Adobe Premiere on a MacBook Pro.

Click the “more” button at the end of the video to watch Ferbs Cosmetics full-length tattoo cover up tutorial video.

Learn more about Ferbs Cosmetics and watch more Tattoo Cover up videos at FerbsCosmetics.com

To develop social seeding efforts that compliment the newly created Dippin’ Dots Forty Below Zero club, Matrixx chose to utilize Facebook Fan Pages as our helpful platform.

As Senior Interactive Producer for matrixx, I manage a team that continues to produce engaging brand content and marketing messages to excite over 800k+ active Dippin’ Dots Facebook Page fans with promotions, give-aways, surveys and polls that further develop the brand while interacting with it’s audience.


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