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Social Media Resources:

Constructing Social: A thorough compilation of Social Networking Statistical data

Social Media Statistics: Incredible compilation of stats and demographics of major sites by Helen Lawrence (updates vary depending on resource)

Blogworld Expo 2008 Social Media User Statistics: Fascinating information into how savvy social media users share and spread content around the web by by Dan Zarrella.

Cellsigns: CellSigns™ is a diversified mobile application provider that offers powerful mobile solutions for companies in various industries.

Online Community ROI - Models and Reporting: Bill Johnston of ForumOne provides a great overview of a study (March 2008)

Akamai: The Leader in Web Application Acceleration and Performance State of the Internet Report: Akamai Web Application Acceleration and Performance Management, Streaming Media Services, and Content Delivery help companies build better web businesses.

Mashable: How to Find Statistics on Social Media How to to leverage published statistics about who’s using social media platforms and how they are using it

Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Solutions: A Cymphony study with great data and charts about the undertanding of the impact of social media by corporate executives

Canadian Internet Usage Statistics: comScore statistics presented at the In:flencia Interactive Marketing Conference (highlights)

Social Media July 2007 Statistics: ComScore released numbers pertaining to social networking's worldwide growth. Now, Nielsen/NetRatings' PR team has released its latest set of figures that track how quickly the top social-networking sites are growing. The results are divided into three different categories of social media: social networks, blogs (and blog platforms) and video sites

Marketing Execs Must Realize and Use Social Media: A Cymphony study with great data and charts about the undertanding of the impact of social media by corporate executives ( Feb 2008)

Case Study: Social Media Campaign for Sea World: Great overview with data on a social media campaign run by San Antonio’s Sea World (April 2008)

Social News and Social Bookmark Monthly Statistics (January 2008) They analyze approximately 500 front-page stories for Digg, Reddit, Propeller, StumbleUpon and and Mixx to see what types of content were the most popular in January 2008 (500 stories for each site, not in total)

The ROI of Social Media: Beth Kanter’s overview of how to effectively measure your social media ROI (Jan 2008)

Measuring ROI on Social Media Camaigns: Quick summary of a study that I created in 2007 at Prospero. Highlights how marketers are measuring ROI today ( Sept 2007)

Measuring Social Media Marketing - Easier than you think!: Michael Brito blog post that outlines various metrics to measure your results (July 2007)

User Community and ROI: Great tips on how to create a successful community (Mar 2007)

Inc 500 and the Social Media Revolution: Review of Center for Marketing Research study of how the Inc. 500 are leveraging social media and measuring their success ( Jan 2007)

Social Networking communities Video on “How can you find the online communities that care about your product or service?”. Nicholas Thompson, Senior Editor of Wired Magazine, talks about how to use social networking to connect to the trend setters that are connecting to your potential customers

Companies that Measure Social Media: Jeremiah Owyang’s lists of benchmarks for companies and companies that measure / analyze social media (Nov 2006)

Calculating the ROI of Blogging: Charlene Li’s work on how to calculate your blogging ROI (October 2006)

Social Media ROI - The Netflix Example: Matt McAlister’s post on revenue models and user motivations (Aug 2005)

Measuring the Success of an Online Community: Joe Cothrel’s classic on how to create a successful community; “community ROI is not about ‘monetizing’ community members. . . . [I]t is about putting a process in place for recognizing the value that online community members create.” (Feb 2000)

General Social Media Statistics:

MarketTools 2008 InSight Report: Great information on social media usage with specifics on product research and impact on purchasing decisions. (Sept 2008)

BizaarVoice Collection of Social Commerce Stats: Incredible collection gathered from various sources at various dates (first published Sept 2008)

Universal McCann Wave Report: Great overview of Social media, its benefits and user demographics (Aug 2008)

Pew Internet- Teens and Social Media: Comprehensive and detailed report with charts and data on teen use of social media. (Dec 2007)

Teens and Social Networking: A NSBA Study on teen activity in social networks - outlined on Robin Good’s blog (Nov 2007)

American Newspapers & the Internet: Threat or Opportunity: a Bivings Report on newspaper adoption of Web 2.0 technologies and the opportunities presented (July 2007)

Ad spend on Social Networks to Reach $2billion in 2010: I like to keep these articles to see how these predictions fair - this one from Marketing Vox (Nov 2006)

MySpace Case Study: Interesting overview of critical decisions in MySpace’s early success (Sept 2006)

Topix on Fire - the Ni-Chan Paradox: A great post from Topix about the impact of opening registration on participation (Mar 2006)

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