Social Media
Mobile Mktg.

Share of Voice + Thought Leadership = PR
Innovation + Service Enhancement = Research & Development
Customer care + Customer Support + Loyalty = Consumer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
Sales + Word of Mouth + Website Traffic = Sales and Marketing
Brand Equity + Brand Image = Communication

Dream Success Management are experts at exposing brands, companies and executives to all aspects of social media marketing and laying down the foundation for launching future “new media” marketing initiatives.

Social Media usage by brands, companies and executives is exploding. Consumers are sharing information and acting as brand ambassadors for products, companies and services they favor by recommending them using social networks and user generated content sites … and trashing the brands and experiences they do not like.

There is a powerful opportunity to drive efficient and effective marketing efforts within social media platforms.

Dream Success Management often works directly with FaceySpacey Technologies, Inc. to provide the most emerging and proven technologies, tools and platforms that ensure success within social media marketing.

We use a sophisticated suite of both commercial and proprietary software tools which provide extensive data are utilized within all social media marketing campaigns. These metrics and trackability enable a detailed Return on Investment (ROI) analysis and calculations report which provide insightful information and trends used to determine future campaigns.

Dream Success Management follows all Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) standards.

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